Volunteer Coaches

If you know you will be present on Tues/Thurs and have some soccer knowledge.

You will be Trained and Given the NMUSC Rec Soccer Coaching Manual and Training Sessions - (all you need to do is follow our Training System)

All we need is your commitment to the team and enthusiasm in encouraging our young players.

Please Note: Fingerprints and Background check will be taken

Remember the Rec Director - Rudy Boutin, will be present every practice to support and Guide every step of the way.


  1. Be involved in your child’s possible first soccer experience amongst friends.
  2. Receive a Coaches Plaque (which you can keep and cherish for a lifetime with memories
  3. Soccer fees will be given back to you at the end of the Program
  4. Be one of the pioneers to start this Great program in the city of NMB

If you are interested, please text or Call Rudy on: 786 245 1471