Rec Soccer Parents Info

What to Expect from Parents
Remember that children are often easily led, anxious to please and prone to over enthusiasm, and so plenty of praise and positive reinforcement is needed – especially with beginners. Children find it hard to understand negative instructions and easier to understand positive reinforcement; this can frequently mean playing down the result and playing up the performance.

Parents & Spectators during Practice:
- Are not permitted in the designated practice fields, unless ACTIVELY assisting coaches (coaches Permission).
- They are to remain on the outside boundaries of the practice areas, or if desired, on the bleachers.

Parents & Spectators during the Game
- Parents must be in the OPPOSITE side of the players benches with respect to the playing field and remain no less than three (3) feet from the lines.

- PARENTS AND SPECTATORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED BEHIND THE GOAL AREA (narrow side of the field). Referees will strictly enforce this rule, by STOPPING the game and notifying the parent or spectator (game clock CONTINUES). If parents do not cooperate, COACHES will be responsible for enforcing this rule on the playing field, in the absence of a Field Marshall.
Note: Stoppage of play due to the enforcement of this rule, will NOT result in added game time. Game clock will continue.


Referees - Game Leaders
The Referee will have an important role to play in the Recreational Soccer Program. Carrying out their duties without favor they will look to create a playing environment which is fun for all taking part. The Referee will encourage fair play, fun, respect for others, development of skills and teamwork, understanding of the Laws of the Game. The Laws of the Game should be a guide for the Referee in Recreational Soccer with the spirit of the laws being more important than the letters of the law.

All our referees have officiated our previous recreational programs; Many of our referees are drawn from our community Soccer Competitive Teams and all have attended and passed the referees' workshop. The referee has the final decision, and all decisions will need to be respected even if not agreed. On the Game Day there will be a Field Marshall present and/or The Director of the Recreational Program.

Coaches on the Playing Field:
2017-2018 Division only - The Coach Can be on the Playing Field.
An assistant coach can be on the parents’ side of the field.
During the FIRST game of the season, coaches will be permitted to be on the playing field with the kids to facilitate game play, techniques, rules, etc.

Other Divisions: Coaches must be on the players’ side of the field and are restricted to the half side of the field where their bench is located. No coaches are allowed behind the goal area.


Please Bring: Black Shorts, Black Socks and Shin Guards to game.
You will Keep your Game Jerseys

Rec Rules & Regulations >>>

If your Child is in Birth Year: 2017-2018
- Coach is allowed on the Field
- 4 Quarters of 9 mins Running Clock (Continuous Player Rotations)
- At Least 50% game time for all Children
- Kick ins from the side (not Throw ins)
- No Headers
- 6v6 with NO Goalkeeper

If your Child is in Birth Year: 2015-2016
- 2 Halves of 20 mins Running Clock
(2 min break within the half // 4 min Half time break)
- At Least 50% game time for all Children
- Kick ins from the side (not Throw ins)
- No Headers
- 7v7 includes Goalkeeper 

If your Child is in Birth Year: 2013-2014
- 2 Halves of 25 mins Running Clock
(2 min break within the half // 4 min Half time break)
- At Least 50% game time for all Children
- Throw-Ins
- No Headers
- 6v6 or 7v7 includes Goalkeeper 

If your Child is in Birth Year: 2010-2012
- 2 Halves of 25 mins Running Clock
(2 min break within the half // 4 min Half time break)
- At Least 50% game time for all Children
- Throw-Ins
- No Headers
- 6v6 or 7v7 includes Goalkeeper 


1 Parking
We are working to have access to the school parking (will update on Monday)
Around the Park is good
Please do not park blocking driveways
Parking is also available at pepper park (135th /12th)

2. What to bring on the first day

Water bottle (water)

Shin guards

Soccer ball
(Size 3 = 4-8 year olds | size 4= 9-11 year olds | size 5 =12+ years old) 

Soccer Cleats
*You can purchase Ball, Cleats and Shin Guards from Dicks Sporting Goods, Target & Walmart


Socks to cover shin guard

NMUSC Practice Shirts will be given out by week 2 of the program at the admin table

Parents can bring lawn/beach chair

(There will be a parents section for parents to sit… behind the orange lined cones)